By passenger lift to the lynx compound

Bad Schandau Elbe quay – along the river (An der Elbe) – passenger lift – lynx compound and back

Follow the tracks of the lynx through Bad Schandau and go up 50 m in altitude – to enjoy a wonderful view over the health resort. A ride on the outdoor passenger lift, built in 1904, is always a special experience.


Panoramablick ins Elbtal

Panorama view from the passenger lift of the Elbe Valley to Bad Schandau / Photo: Archive Nationalparkverwaltung, K. Jäpelt

Distance: 2.4 km (from Elbe quay car park)
Narrowest point: no restictions
Obstacles: none
Accessibility in wet conditions: yes
Transport connections: S-Bahn S1 and Nationalparkbahn U28 to Nationalpark Station Bad Schandau, bus lines 241, 244, 252, 253 and 260 to Bad Schandau Elbe quay, by car to Elbe quay car park
Parking: Elbe quay car park, subject to charge
Refereshments: various restaurants in the city of Bad Schandau, Sendigbaude directly at the lift

From the Elbe quay the path leads along the Elbe River. All railway travellers can reach the Elbe quay by crossing the bridge in Bad Schandau or using the ferry from the train station to the quay. There is also a large car park.

Following the Elbe you may enjoy the panorama view of the Schrammsteine and find some lynx tracks guiding the way to your destination. The footprints of this once native predator to this region are part of a theme trail, which winds through Bad Schandau and is partially accessible.

After passing the Toskana Therme leave the Elbe banks and after crossing a small wooden bridge turn left and follow the course of the Kirnitzsch River up to the federal road B 172.

Follow this road a little longer going right toward the town exit and you will quickly find the passenger lift in plain sight. The lift, built in 1904 by Rudolf Sendig, is identical to the Swiss Hammetschwand lift, which, however, is considerably higher than its Saxon brother. Access to the lift is via a barrier-free ramp. The prices and schedule can be found on the homepage of the city of Bad Schandau. After a short ride you can enjoy a wonderful view over the Elbe Valley and the town of Bad Schandau. After crossing the bridge yo will find yourself directly infront of the lynx compound. With any luck you will be able to spot one of the predators. If you are not so lucky you can follow the small ascent to the upper open-air enclosure via the circular path (take a right toward Ostrau and turn left at the next crossing).

Since the circular path to Bad Schandau via the Karls Ruhe look-out is not accessible, you should take the same way back. Alternatively, you can return to the starting point through the city of Bad Schandau and perhaps top it off with a visit to the National Park Centre.



Wegweiser Beobachtungen am Wegesrand_engThe predator has not settled back here in our region yet. But the traces that were found have made us hopeful that the lynx will one day return to this here again. The shy cat with its paintbrush ears, however, requires large hunting grounds of up to 400 km². There it waits for deer, wild boars, foxes, mice and birds at night and at dusk. The lynx does not pursue its prey but waits, jumps at it and kills it with a bite to the neck. Throughout a week the lynx needs up to 10 kg of meat. What makes the lynx so special are its senses: It can perceive the rustling of a mouse at a distance of 50 m, and passing deer even at a distance of 500 m.

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