District issues ban on entering forests for entire district area

District issues ban on entering forests for entire district area

[The following is a translated copy of the dicstrict’s press release]


Due to persistent dry weather and high temperatures in recent weeks, the danger of fires in forests and meadows has increased rapidly. After the forest fire at the Bastei in mid-July, a large area in the rear of Saxon Switzerland is now affected with several sources of fire. The starting point of the forest fire was the region at the Czech Prebisch Gate. The fire then spread to the German side into the area of the Saxon Switzerland National Park at high speed.


Therefore, an all-day (24-hour) ban on entering all forests of the district in the regions of Saxon Switzerland and Osterzgebirge is imposed with immediate effect, thus restricting the right of entry as follows:


Entering the forest including all forest paths is prohibited. Risk to life and limb!


The persons and circumstances mentioned in § 15 para. 2 SächsWaldG are exempt from the temporary ban on entering the forest. This concerns

  • the forest owner and persons employed in the forest,
  • persons authorized to hunt,
  • persons carrying out work ordered or approved by the authorities,
  • owners on their property, provided that the distance of the fire from the forest is at least 30 meters,
  • lighting or maintaining fires in a facility authorized by building or commercial law.

This general order will be revoked as soon as the weather conditions change.

The general order of 20.07.2022 is thus revoked.


Violations will be punished as an administrative offense according to § 52 para. 5 SächsWaldG. This can amount to up to 2,500 euros, in particularly serious cases up to 10,000 euros.


The full text of the general decree can be found at www.landratsamt-pirna.de/bekanntmachungen.html.